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Shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, IPL, and plucking all have one thing in common: they’re temporary hair removal methods. If you’ve devoted many hours of your life to hair removal and are tired of the endless routine, Cynosure® Elite+™ laser hair removal at Optimum Laser Hair Removal in Manhasset, New York, is just what you need. Call the office or use online booking for quick, comfortable, and lasting laser hair removal now.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

What areas can laser hair removal treat?

Optimum Laser Hair Removal offers laser hair removal for nearly any area of unwanted hair. The most common treatment areas are:

  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Lower legs
  • Back
  • Bikini area
  • Chest

If you're troubled by hair in another area, talk to your experienced care provider at Optimum Laser Hair Removal. Chances are, the state-of-the-art Cynosure Elite+ laser can cover it.

How does the laser remove unwanted hair?

Your Optimum Laser Hair Removal care provider gently moves the laser over your skin, targeting unwanted hair follicles with pinpoint accuracy. The Elite+ laser sends thin pulses of measured light into your hair follicles. 

The light doesn't damage your top skin layer at all. Inside the hair follicle, the light converts to heat. The heat destroys the hair pigment and also deactivates the hair follicle to deter hair regrowth. 

Is laser hair removal uncomfortable?

The Elite+ platform has an integrated cooling system that keeps your skin surface comfortable throughout treatment. 

You might feel a tingling or mild snapping sensation during the laser pulses. Most patients describe the hair removal process as being virtually painless, but each patient’s experience is unique. 

Do I need multiple laser hair removal treatments?

Most patients need a series of 3-6 treatments for ideal results. The Elite+ laser is superior to older technology because the laser targets multiple hair follicles at once. This makes treatments faster and means fewer overall treatments than you’d need with older, less-advanced lasers.

Your hair grows in three phases, and all hair follicles aren’t on the same growth cycle. The laser targets follicles in active growth mode. When it’s time for your next session, usually between 4-8 weeks, you’ll have new hair follicles in the active growth phase ready for removal. 

Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

The Elite+ laser treats both light and dark skin, and the majority of hair colors. But, the laser needs pigment to target. Because white and blonde hair lack pigment, laser hair removal isn’t effective on those shades. 

However, electrolysis is highly effective for white or blonde hair, so talk to your Optimum Laser Hair Removal care provider about your treatment options. 

When it comes to comfortable, efficient, and quick laser hair removal, Optimum Laser Hair Removal has the best of the best. Use the online scheduler or call the office to book your appointment now.